About The Tuition:

Benny Wong ( Bsc Mathemtics)

Very experienced, reliable mathematics tutor.


I can come to teach you or your child(ren) in the comfort and safety of your own home, or if you would prefer at my house in Southampton for college and mature student only.


The tuition begins with a key stage mathematics knowledge test, suited to the student's appropriate level, which he or she will complete in their own time independently, without any assistance to ensure their true ability is recognised and all improvement areas are identified.  This will enable me to develop a personalised tuition programme specifically suited to the student's needs.  To ensure progress and tuition goals are achieved, a further assessment will be completed at the end of the programme.


Each tuition session commences with five minutes of "fun time" which can include a game, puzzle or an interactive computer game to ensure the student is motivated for the session.   We will then openly discuss any issues, problems or concerns the student may be experiencing at school in relation to Mathematics and see what we can implement together in our tuition sessions to help.


The remainder of the session will be completing work tailored towards the previously set personalised plan.  All tuitions sessions utilise a computer assisted programme.


All students also need to do at least an extra hour of homework in their own time following each session we have togrther.