Tuition Fees


Key stage 1 ,  2 and 11+ entrance exam:  £28 per hour

Key stage 3 and 13+ entrance exam:  £29per hour

Key stage 4 (year 10  with no GCSE exams) : £31per hour

GCSE Exam:  Key stage 4 ( year 11 or year 10 with GCSE exams)  £33 per hour


A Level£37 per hour

(Please note: students will be expected to provide their own A-Level text books)


There are no hidden extras - All teaching notes, worksheets and past exam papers provided for all levels.  All costs include travel. 



Illness & Holidays:

Please contact me directly over such matters, especially during the usual holiday periods, giving a minimum of 24 hours' notice (except in unforeseeable situations). Cancellations without due notice will be charged at the one-hour rate.